According to studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), head injuries are the most common injuries sustained by children involved in auto accidents. Children under 1 experience a higher rate of head injuries than older children. The most common type of head injuries suffered by children is cerebrum injuries, mainly contusions or lacerations. Concussions and unconsciousness are more common injuries sustained by children under 1 year old than older children. On the other hand, skull base fractures are more common among children older than 1 than children under 1.

Children involved in rollover crashes had the highest incidence rates of incapacitating injuries. Fortunately, studies have shown that child safety seats are effective at reducing the risk of children receiving incapacitating injuries when involved auto accidents. Specifically for rollover accidents, the estimated incidence rate for children to experience incapacitating injuries when not restrained was three times higher than for children properly restrained in a child safety seat. For near-side impacts, unrestrained children were eight times more likely to sustain incapacitating injuries! Clearly the importance of restraining your child in a child safety seat cannot be overstated.

Sometimes despite your best efforts to keep your child safe by using the proper child safety seat, serious accidents can result from negligent third parties. With head injuries being the most common injury sustained by children in auto accidents, oftentimes significant and expensive medical treatment is required. CT scans and surgery might be necessary. Luckily, most families are able to receive compensation for such injuries through personal injury claims against the negligent parties.

Seek out an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you through such a hard time. An attorney can gather the necessary evidence from your accident and monitor the necessary medical treatment, in order to help your family receive the compensation you deserve for such an unfortunate event.